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LED Plaster Cornice Uplight for Architectural Feature Light - Cale

Simple Angled Profile with 50mm Projection

No driver or transformer is supplied with this fixture (sold separately)

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This decorative Micro Cornice plaster lighting is designed to provide indirect architectural feature lighting and can be painted to blend into existing schemes. Fabricated in France using high quality, high density reinforced natural plaster of Paris.

Cale measures 75mm high with a 50mm projection.

Cut with a medium tooth, cross-cut saw with a reasonably stiff blade for best results. To hang the coving there are 3 screw plates per length, the profile is secured in place with a strong adhesive such as Decofix Pro along with Extra Fix cement for joins. Plaster filler can then be used to fill gaps at the tops, bottoms and joins. If you plan on painting the profile any paint is suitable but remember that emulsion is water based. This means that it may suffer hairline cracks if there is excessive movement or vibration in the ceiling. Acrylic/oil based paints have more “elasticity” in them so are less prone to these fine cracks.

LED Tape
The LED tape suggested for this product is chosen specifically for its minimal LED spacing. Due to the light source providing direct light on the wall from such a close distance it is easy with other systems to create a dotted effect with dark and light spots.

LINK: High Output close-spaced tape 

Link: Lower Output continuous LED tape 

We can also offer this profile with RGB colour changing tape, IP Rated tape for the bathroom and showers, or any other LED tape that takes your fancy. Do contact us we are happy to help.

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