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G9 lamps - Dimmable LED and Halogen

What is a G9 bulb?

G9 lamps are small mains lamps. They do not need a transformer or driver, they are easily dimmable, and they can be used in decorative and functional light fixtures.

The G9 reference comes from the type of cap used on this lamp. Ultimately there are two metal flat blades or hoops at the base that simply push into the fixture's lamp holder.

The original G9 lamp used a long tungsten filament and a gas-filled glass capsule. They would get hot, too hot to handle, and offered a short lamp life. Thankfully LED G9 capsules have taken a troublesome lamp and made it more practical with a greatly reduce heat output and long lamp life.

As the lumen packages in G9 LEDs rise we envisage a stronger demand for dimmable LED G9 capsule lamps.

Remember LED G9 lamps are available in a choice of colour temperatures so you can get a crisp white 4000°k light or a soft warm 2700°k light from the same G9 lamp base.

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