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Integrated Lighting for Innovative Design

A somewhat new concept yet brilliant for the ability to blend perfectly and seamlessly into a room structure. Integrated lighting is a range of products that have no bezels or surrounds - systems that can change the very space they exist in. A variety of processes, some suitable for new builds, some for retrofit, are used to achieve the seamless finish that make these products so unique. Whether you are looking for discreet, low profile lighting that merges into the background or a feature system that changes the space completely, Lighting Styles has the best integrated lighting for your project.

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Teardrop Recessed Plaster Wall Light

Teardrop Recessed Plaster Wall Light

Designed to fit 12.5mm Plasterboard Walls
End Caps (Pair) - Mini Blade

End Caps (Pair) - Mini Blade

Suitable for Mounting in Walls or Ceilings
Recessed Plaster Step Light: Flame
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Recessed Plaster Step Light: Flame

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Lightcaster Suits Any Wall Construction

Integrated lighting - further information

Designed by the rule-breakers of the lighting world here we show case plaster lighting channels, plaster coving, cornices, recessed downlights and trimless low level systems. Products that have come into their own with the recent advances in LED technology, many of which are compatible with Lighting Styles flexible LED tape and COB (chip on board) products.  By combining this lighting with advanced colour changing systems your imagination is the only limitation.

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