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Recessed Fixed Projectors - Wall Washing

Adjustable downlights can of course be used as a wall washer but there is always a compromise because light often hits the housing and you have to rely on the beam angle of the lamp as there is not a reflector in the housing. Some adjustable downlights also fall short of the correct angle - simply put they do not tilt enough. If you want to wash a wall with light and get the results that please you or your client you really should consider using a dedicated recessed projector.

This LED solution is a ideal for commercial use and particularly suited for use in hotels, restaurants and bars where you want to make a space look bright and airy without flooding the space with direct light. Lighting designer should contact us if they require photometric data.

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Adjustable Bezel for LED WallwasherAdjustable Bezel for LED Wallwasher

Adjustable Bezel for LED Wallwasher

2 Products
Available in Black or White Finish
Angle Reflector For LED Wall WasherAngle Reflector For LED Wall Washer

Angle Reflector For LED Wall Washer

3 Products
Available in White, Black or Gold FInish
Ceiling Bezel for LED WallwasherCeiling Bezel for LED Wallwasher

Ceiling Bezel for LED Wallwasher

2 Products
Available in White or Black
Items 1 to 3 of 3.