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Fluorescent Tube Lamps  -  T5, T8 and T9

Often called tubes a range of linear fluorescent lamps have been around for years and their use will continue for many years more as they are a more efficient way of producing light.

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T5 Lamp 28wT5 Lamp 28w

T5 Lamp 28w

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T5 Lamp 35wT5 Lamp 35w

T5 Lamp 35w

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16mm Diameter - 1449mm Long
T5 Lamp 21wT5 Lamp 21w

T5 Lamp 21w

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T5 Lamp 39wT5 Lamp 39w

T5 Lamp 39w

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T5 Lamp 54wT5 Lamp 54w

T5 Lamp 54w

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T5 Lamp 24wT5 Lamp 24w

T5 Lamp 24w

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High Ouput Fluorescent Lamps
T5 Lamp 14wT5 Lamp 14w

T5 Lamp 14w

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T5 Lamp 13wT5 Lamp 13w

T5 Lamp 13w

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T5 Lamp 8wT5 Lamp 8w

T5 Lamp 8w

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T9 Circle Line 32w Fluorescent LampT9 Circle Line 32w Fluorescent Lamp

T9 Circle Line 32w Fluorescent Lamp

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Triphosphor Lamps for a Better Quality Light
T9 40w Circle Line 4000k LampT9 40w Circle Line 4000k Lamp

T9 40w Circle Line 4000k Lamp

For Mirror, Ceiling Lights and More
T5 Ringtube Fluorescent LampT5 Ringtube Fluorescent Lamp

T5 Ringtube Fluorescent Lamp

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2Gx13 Four Pin Base 22, 40 and 55 Watts
T8 Lamp 18wT8 Lamp 18w

T8 Lamp 18w

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T8 Lamp 36WT8 Lamp 36W

T8 Lamp 36W

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T8 Lamp 38WT8 Lamp 38W

T8 Lamp 38W

T8 Lamp 30WT8 Lamp 30W

T8 Lamp 30W

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T8 Lamp 15WT8 Lamp 15W

T8 Lamp 15W

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Cool White or Warm White
T8 Lamp 70WT8 Lamp 70W

T8 Lamp 70W

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Items 1 to 18 of 18.