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Lighting design service

We can provide advice and assistance at whatever level you require. If you have lots of money to throw at a project all well and good but more often than not we need to match a lighting design and product specification (shopping list) to a specific budget.  We will need to know what you want and your understanding of some of the terms will help:

Lighting requirement may be one or more of the following types:

GENERAL LIGHTING also called background lighting. This provides a flat, even distribution of light within a space.

TASK LIGHTING is specifically located and directed light that provides localised light in a specific area, i.e. kitchen worktops or the desk you are sitting at.

ACCENT LIGHTING is the use of lighting to reveal texture colour and form within a space. Think of a wall washed with light, a focused spotlight on a stage and pools of light on a table in Pizza Express and you’ll get the idea.

That is a great start and you could just simply pick one or two of the above and ask us what would work. But like most things the more effort you put in, the more you get out. So to help us help you, we require more information and would ask some lifestyles questions including:

Use of the space: what is the area used for and does its use change throughout the day?

Style: what furniture and décor have you chosen?

Focal points: what would you like to hi-light?

And a few practicalities:

Do you have good health and eyesight? We would tailor the design to provide higher levels of light to ensure good contrast when appropriate and use longer life bulbs for those who would prefer not to change lamps too often.

Do you desire an energy efficient solution? If being kinder to the environment is important to you we can accommodate this in our design.

Are you lighting something of value or delicate? If you have artwork of value we need to take this into account - thankfully we have plenty of experience!

That is the basic questions answered and from here you can contact us for advice and we will give you some suggestions over the telephone. We can also provide a more detailed lighting design by email, post or fax. On more complicated projects we would have to agree an appropriate fee for our time and effort.