Lighting Styles
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Seamless Linear Lighting Systems

A range of clever lighting solutions that become part of the very fabric of a room. Perfect in a minimal design scheme these products blend onto, or even into the walls and ceiling. Smart construction and simple installation allow lighting to be seamlessly recessed into surfaces, a low profile product with high impact effect.

End Caps (Pair) - Mini Blade

End Caps (Pair) - Mini Blade

Suitable for Mounting in Walls or Ceilings

LED plaster profiles and systems

Known as channel, slot, hidden and linear lighting; the effect is just as striking by any name. Continuous drawn-out lines of light that flow boundlessly between wall and ceiling, weaving and winding where they please. The tiny dimensions of LED tape allow these plaster systems to have an extremely low profile for the effect they create. Requiring little depth for install, even less than a normal downlight, these are not merely limited to new-build. Designed to be painted to blend completely with their background, these have a strong, non-porous finish that works well with a massive range of paint types. Finished with an opaque Lexan diffuser sitting flush with the lighting recess, designed to distribute light perfectly and eliminate dark spots. The end result is an ambient hidden lighting effect, equally beautiful as a soft glowing feature as they are for a high output main room light.