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Micro Blade 63 Angled Recessed Profile

Recessed Plaster Lighting Channel

Class 1 – This fitting will require an earth connection.Bulbs Not Included

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The Micro Blade recessed plaster lighting system provides continuous channels of indirect light, produced in France by Atelier Sedap. The components are recessed into walls or ceilings and allow the designer to form continuous channels of light to enhance the space with interesting and, on occasions, puzzling lines of light. The Micro Blade 63 provides light at a 36° angle making it great for wall washing when ceiling mounted, ceiling lighting when mounted high on a wall, or floor lighting when mounted low on a wall.

The basic structure begins with a high strength plaster profile 165mm wide, 56mm deep and with a light aperture of 63mm. From herein the designer is free to choose how and where the light channel will go. End pieces are available to close off the channel before it reaches the wall along with smooth 90° turns, these enable complex, decorative shapes to be made. Additionally, the light channel can easily be cut to shorter lengths and custom angles to create whichever change in direction you like.

The Lexan diffuser offers brilliant optical quality, it comes in lengths of 1500mm and simply snaps into place within the Micro Blade profile. We always recommend their use for best aesthetic quality. This product is the Micro Blade 63 plaster profile only with no lighting equipment or end caps, both of these items can be found in the Micro Blade category.

We have sample 30cm sections available for a small deposit, please call us for more information.

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Micro Blade Angled 1500mm length
£126.47 exc VAT
Lexan Diffuser 1500mm length
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Pair of end caps (Left and right)
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