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Flexible LED Lighting Tape - RGB

User Friendly Remote Control available

Class 3 - This fitting is low voltage and will require a transformer or driver.Bulbs IncludedNo driver or transformer is supplied with this fixture (sold separately)

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Providing customers with the best product to suit their budget and needs has always been a mantra for Lighting Styles. Here we offer a colour changing LED tape that is easy to install and easy to operate with a user-friendly hand held RF transmitters.

So what is so good about this item? Well, some suppliers think it is okay to make you solder leads onto LED tape and some offer remote controls that are hard to use and really ugly! This takes LED tape to the next dimension.

LED details:

Can be cut every - 166mm.
160 lumens. (22.2 LM/W)

Can be cut every - 100mm.
339 lumens. (23.54 LM/W)

Can be cut every - 50mm.
678 lumens. (23.54 LM/W)

The LED tape is self-adhesive and offered in pre-cut and pre-wired lengths to suit your needs. With cut points, you simply select the length that is either the correct size or larger than you require and trim the end to suit your needs.

24V Driver and heat sink profiles are essential for this tape. Everything you need can be found in the RGB section, This includes remotes and receivers.

Please note: when ordering long lengths this will be supplied in 5-metre reels, Call us to discuss your requirements.

Lamp TypeLong Life LED light source
Lamps IncludedYes
Wiring DetailsClass 3 - Requires a low voltage supply
DriverNo driver or transformer is supplied with this fixture (sold separately)

What width/depth do you recommend for the space behind coving to fit this strip into?
This is down to personal preference. The heat sink the tape sits in is 17.1mm wide and 8mm deep and so you would need space for this.

i have granite worktops. each side is 3.4 metres in length. can i stick the led tape to the underside and can i cut to length without affecting the performance? also would i require 2 power sources or can i power 2 from 1 source?
Yes and yes. Trimming to length is easy with scissors and you can run several strips from a suitable capacity power supply. Call us if you need any design help, we'll be happy to help.

Can the tape be supplied with a plug end to plug into standard sockets?
You can wire a plug to the driver if required. This is something your electrician could do for you.

You state that the controller can be switched on and off via a wall switch. What mode does it switch on to. Is it the last used setting or is it a fixed setting? If fixed, can the fixed setting be pre set to the desired setting?
The system will switch on to the last used settings. If that was a still colour it will continue in the same colour, if it was fading between colours it will continue the fading setting.

Does this have a white colour ie normal light setting?
This is just colour changing, and there is no white colour setting.

Hi, can you wire the colour changing led tape lighting direct to a wall light switch to turn them on and off.
Yes this is common practice. To do this you take a supply from an existing wall light and wire this to a 12v power supply. The 12v supply from this goes to the RF controller and your LED strips are plugged into the RF controller.

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