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Recessed Floor LED Profile - Suitable For Foot Traffic IP67

Use Inside or Outside with IP rated LED `tape

Suitable for Zone 0 - protected against immersion in waterBulbs Not IncludedNo driver or transformer is supplied with this fixture (sold separately)

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You cannot use standard LED tape profiles on the floor: one wrong move in high heels and the diffuser would shatter. This design with a thick diffuser supported by the profile gives you more strength to avoid damage.

This recessed profile has a minimal footprint giving it a great range of applications; whether used as low-level guide lighting, floor recessed wall washer or to frame doorways, it is unassuming and discreet while providing a great lighting effect. Incredibly sleek it can be built into wooden floors, laminate and engineered floors and any tiled or stone construction.

This lighting profile is equipped with an IP67 rating, signifying its excellent resistance to water ingress. For areas prone to heavy moisture exposure, such as bathrooms or washrooms that undergo machine cleaning or are susceptible to flooding, it is crucial to enhance protection by applying Silicone Glue at the end caps and joints.

Tailored for outdoor settings, this profile is also apt for in-ground installation. While its IP67 rating assures notable defence, the demanding conditions of British weather, particularly standing water, may call for extra attention. The operation of light fixtures can affect the internal atmosphere; when on, they heat the air, creating positive pressure. Once turned off, negative pressure draws in moist air, which may condense within the enclosure. Repeated cycles can introduce water inside the fixture. However, the use of 24v DC LED tape minimizes safety concerns in such scenarios.

A word of caution: anodised metals are susceptible to corrosion in environments with salty air. Their deployment in such locales could culminate in damage, leading to frustration. We strongly recommend caution in coastal or similar areas to prevent corrosion and ensure the longevity of your lighting installation.

Bezel version: A rebate of 22mm in width and a minimum of 9mm is required. 
Flush version: A rebate of 22mm in width and a minimum of 13mm is required.

We strongly suggest you have the product in hand before cutting and rebating to these dimensions.

LED Tape
This profile's shallow depth makes dotless COB LED tape perfect for avoiding dots in the finished installation. You can find our continuous COB LED Tape here

 Our 24 Volt tape requires DC LED Driver. these are available as either dimmable and non-dimmable. To Work out your power requirements simply times the LED tape power (watts) by the metres you require.

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Aluminium profile 2.0 metres long with Diffuser & end caps
Semi-Flush IP67 Inground Aluminium LED Profile with Bezel
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