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Dimmable 24V DC LED Driver

For LED Strip Light, Signage or Any LED Product Requiring 24v DC Supply

Class 1 – This fitting will require an earth connection.Yes, this product is dimmable - See the specifications tab for more details

Product Ref: 7143

From £35.00 inc VAT

A range of dimmable 24V DC drivers, especially useful for the Flexible LED Lighting Tape. If you do not require dimming your system you can find our non-dimmable drivers here.

We suggest loading the power supply as close to its maximum capacity for the most effective dimming. To calculate your power requirements just multiply your LED product load (per metre in tape) by the quantity.

25, 50, 100 & 150 watts:
Dimmable with leading edge or trailing edge dimmer
Protections: open circuit, short circuit, overload, overtemperature
SELV equivalent
Protection class II
Smooth dimmable compatible with most dimmer
Dimming range 1...100%

200 watts:
Dimmable driver compatible with good quality Leading and Trailing edge dimmers along with most advanced dimming systems.
Minimum load 130 watts.
Features short circuit, overload, thermal protection, and robust metal housing ensuring a safe installation and a durable product.
It is possible to multiply the wattage of this driver by adding in parallel up to 4 matching drivers.

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Plastic Housing - Class 2 Double Insulated
Dimmable 25W 24V LED Driver IP20
£29.17 exc VAT
Dimmable 50W 24V LED Driver IP20
£40.75 exc VAT
Dimmable 100W 24V LED Driver IP20
£77.08 exc VAT
Dimmable 150W 24V LED Driver IP20
£88.00 exc VAT
Metal Housing - Class 1 Requires an Earth
Dimmable 200W 24V LED Driver IP20
£95.83 exc VAT