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Plain Plaster Ceiling Domes - Edge Lit with LEDs

Clever In-The-Ceiling Plaster Design

Protected from drips of waterClass 2 – This fitting is double insulated and does not require an earth.Bulbs IncludedIncludes remote driver/transformer suitable for 230 - 240v supply

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From £462.85 inc VAT

Our range of recessed domes take lighting to a different level. These domes are recessed into the ceiling and have a plain design creating a modern, contemporary look to a ceiling whether commercial or residential. Add a line of continuous LED lights around the perimeter and you have the great visual light effect that gets noticed during the day or night.

Reinforced natural plaster gives the strength and smooth finish to this stunning ambient light fixture. The use of hidden LED tape around the perimeter give a stunning light effect free from dark spots. We offer the plain ceiling dome in three diameters 420mm, 750mm and the largest at 1000mm.

All three are designed to be installed in the ceiling and then plastered into place for a seamless integral light effect. All the domes are built into a square plaster base that is affixed to the ceiling and plastered/finished to suit your décor.

All options are manufactured in a high quality, natural finish plaster from a French design house.

Small Plaster Dome
Diameter 420mm x depth 85mm - see image for full specifications
Weight 5.4kg

The small ceiling dome is housed in a plaster base 595 x 595mm square which has a tegular edge; making it suitable for use in a suspended ceiling. This gives the designer a way of introducing subtle differences to a space without having to compromise on a standard grid ceiling.

Medium Plaster Dome
Diameter 750mm x complete width 925mm x depth - 150mm
Weight 12.5kg

Large Plaster Dome
Diameter 1000mm x complete width 1175mm x depth 200mm
weight 19kg

This is a high end designer lighting style that is going to look great in domestic or commercial spaces.

The rear of the dome has hanging hoops so that additional support can be provided on site for safe installation.

We offer the fixture with three types of LED tape - standard output in 3000°k, high output in 3000°k and with an RGB colour changing system and paired infra-red remote control. When purchased with electrical equipment the price includes the LED power supplies required for installation - you just need a hole and a mains supply!

For those who prefer to specify their own lighting equipment we offer the plaster fixture without any electrical components.

  • Great for retail spaces that need differentiation i.e. concessions
  • A modern piece of classic design
  • Great subtle light effect gives soft ambient light
  • Can be used with RGB LEDs to give a multitude of colours
Availability: MADE TO ORDER delivery typically 2-4 weeks
We offer free delivery on orders over £80 to most UK Mainland Addresses
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420mm Dome Options
42cm Dome (No Illumination)
£385.71 exc VAT
42cm Dome with LED Tape 1728 Lumens
£663.96 exc VAT
42cm Dome with High Output LED Tape 2400 Lumens
£669.21 exc VAT
42cm Dome RGB Colour Changing LEDs and Remote
£663.92 exc VAT
750mm Dome Options
75cm Dome (No Illumination)
£461.54 exc VAT
75cm Dome Subtle LEDs 2808 Lumens
£663.96 exc VAT
75cm Dome High Output LEDs 4080 lumens
£740.04 exc VAT
75cm Dome with RGB Colour Changing LEDs and Remote
£716.71 exc VAT
1000mm Dome Options
100cm Dome (No Illumination)
£766.69 exc VAT
100cm Dome LED Tape 3672 Lumens
£1,302.08 exc VAT
100cm Dome High Output LED Tape 5520 Lumens
£1,418.08 exc VAT
100cm Dome RGB Colour Changing LEDs and Remote
£1,277.17 exc VAT

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