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IP65 Soffit Downlight Kit in White

Full Installation Kit with Lamp and Transformer

Dustproof and protected from water jets from all directionsClass 3 - This fitting is low voltage and will require a transformer or driver.Bulbs Included

Product Ref: 1209

£9.90 inc VAT

Two piece construction with push/pull action for easy re-lamping.

Gasket seals between housing and soffit and lamp holder and frame.

While these fittings can be used with a GU10 mains lamp we do suggest that low voltage lamps are used in soffit lighting projects.  These fittings are 'F' Marked making them suitable for use in/on flammable materials. If these were to be fitted inside i.e. in a porch we would suggest a 35 or even 20 watt lamp.

Low voltage lamps will give a longer lamp life and will not trip the MCB or blow a fuse when the lamp fails.

Cut out 70mm
Glass diameter 40mm
Suggested void depth 95mm.

IP65 perfect for soffits and providing protection from water.

Kit comprises:

1 x Two-piece downlight, 1 x 60va dimmable transformer (with 5 year guarantee) and very wide flood (60º) 50w dichroic lamp.

Number Of Lamps1
Lamp TypeMR16 - 12v Halogen Reflector
Part L Compliant LuminaireNo
Lamps IncludedYes
Max Wattage50w
Cut-Out Diameter70mm
Wiring DetailsClass 3 - Requires a low voltage supply
IP RatingIP65
MR16 Radium Mega 50w 60º Professional Dichroic lamp
MR16 Radium Mega 50w 10º Professional Dichroic lamp - Narrow Spot
MR16 Radium Budget 50w 60º Flood 2000hr - Dichroic Lamp
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Does the IP65 soffit downlight Ref 1209 require one transformer per lamp? I want to fit several above a double garage door
This kit comes complete with transformer, a 60va, which would power one 50w lamp. You could wire 3 into a 150va transformer if you wanted. Product Ref: 6251 is a 150va transformer, This would work perfectly.

Is the transformer fixed to the downlight or is it a separate unit ?
The transformer is a separate unit.

Can you give me any idea of the spread of light from these, as an indication of how far apart to position them.
The lamp supplied in this kit has a beam angle of 60º, depending on the height of your ceiling and the area you are wishing to illuminate depends on the number of fittings needed. Most areas we would suggest a fitting every metre.

We have a double garage front house. We want to fit 10 downlighters across the front of garages and house. We current have wiring for 1 pir mains lamp which we will use as the source wiring for the new lamps. We would like to fit low voltage please advise whether these lights would be suitable - and what transformer would we require/quantity. Can the lights be linked in this way and do they come with suitable link fittings.
These downlights will work well in this location. You could use one or two large transformers to power the lights but we always suggest that using individual transformers as the best solution for cost, installation and maintenance. This downlight is not offered as an installation kit so you will require a mains supply from the PIR to each location although looping in and out of each transformer would making installation easier.

Can these fittings be used with an LED lamp?
Yes you can used the downlight with our ideal fit lamp - it`s a little fiddly to install because of the fins on the lamp but once in place will give long lamp life. You will need to buy: 1 x SAMDL805 - the fitting 1 x SAMLHGU10 - the GU10 lampholder 1 x SAM39977 - ideal fit 5w LED lamp

I intend to fit 4-5 lamps, would I need to buy any additional items to link them up or would they run off 1 of the transformers supplied in the kit?
Each kit you buy comprises of a downlight, a lamp and a transformer. You could link all your downlights to one transformer however you need to ensure the transformer has the correct capacity. We would recommend you use one transformer per downlight.

Can you please tell me the height of this fitting from top to bottom?
The height of the fitting would exclude the lamp and lamholder (and therefore be of no use). The void required is 85mm a little less is okay.

I am looking to fit down lights to my soffit boards, i have cut 60mm holes can you tell me if these would fit? And what clearance is need above the fitting when in place? Also can this fitting be used with your dusk till dawn sensor? Also do the lamps have to be earthed?
The suggested cut-out is 70mm so your holes may need enlarging slightly. The transformer powering this lamp can work on a dusk til Dawn sensor and being double insulated do not need an earth.

Does the lamp fitting come with GU10 fitting? If not can they be swapped?
This fitting is designed for MR16 lamps (12V low voltage). Please visit our fire rated recessed downlight section for products

Does this kit come with two light fittings?
purchasing one kit will get you one downlight, one transformer and one 50w 60º lamp.

What is the diameter of the actual light area? Is the glass clear or frosted as i want a glow affect?
The diameter of the clear glass is 40mm.

What size wiring would be required to typically install 6 of these in series and will your PIR/Dusk till Dawn sensor work with these ok.
If you`re using 50w lamps the load would be 50w x 6 = 300w. 300w ÷ 240v = 1.25 amps i.e. pretty much any cable with conductors 1.0mm or larger.

Can these lights be used with a PIR?
Yes these lights can be operated by a PIR without any issues.

Can I get these fittings in black? I want to put them outside in the soffits. Also, can I put GU10 LED bulbs in them?
The lamps are only available in white, you can though use a GU10 LED lamp with these.

I intend fitting approx 12 of these to my newly installed UPVC soffets, what bulb would you suggest to minimise heat and maximise bulb life?
If you are wishing to be both a friend to the earth and your pocket then consider using retro fit LED lamps. These will run cool, consume very little energy in comparison to standard halogen lamps. The initial outlay is greater, however with a lamp life of around 30,000 hours its really more of an investment! You can view Retro fit LED lamps via the following link:

Are these available with a brass finish? If so how much and what is the order code?
Unfortunately we do not as yet have an IP rated downlight in a brass finish.

Can I replace my old ones with this kit, there is nothing realy wrong with the old other than the outer is rusty?
Being powdercoated paint and made from an alloy means these should last longer than your old fittings. Just check they are the same cut-out.

Is this available in other colours (grey/chrome)? What is the visible light opening diameter? Are bulbs replaced from below?
This kit uses a our standard IP65 downlight (found in our bathroom downlight section) which is also available in a polished chrome and satin nickel finish with a transformer and a long life lamp. Whilst we have never tested this fitting in finishes other than white in an exterior setting, it is IP65 and so offers suitable protection for this application. If you wish to have this soffit kit with a fitting in another finish please contact us and we`ll change the components to suit.

Are these lights OK to put in PVC soffits or do they stain it with the heat?
These fittings are 'F' Marked making them suitable for use in/on flammable materials. Heat and UV light will discolour uPVC but heat will be dissipated when used outdoors. If these were to be fitted inside i.e. in a porch we`d suggest a 35 or even 20 watt lamp.

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White IP65 Soffit Downlight Kit
£8.25 exc VAT

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