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T8 Fluorescent Recessed Low Glare Ceiling Light

Two Sizes Plus Emergency Options

Offers no protection from splashed or sprayed waterClass 1 – This fitting will require an earth connection.No, this product is NOT dimmableNo, the height cannot be adjustedBulbs Not Included

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A high frequency recessed modular T8 fluorescent fitting with a parabolic louvre design. The perfect choice for use in offices blocks, corridors or boardrooms. These fittings provide a bright light output and wide spread of light while also being low glare with their parabolic louvres. 

Parabolic louvres are a great addition to the fitting, they help to reduce glare, act as reflectors directing all the light to the task area below, while also shielding the lamps from view.

Available in two sizes, square (595mm x 595mm) or rectangular (1195mm x 595mm).

Suitable for maintained or non-maintained use with the integral 3 hours emergency pack. 

Maintained allows the fitting to be switched on at any time, allowing it to be used as a standard LED fixture. If the fitting was switched off, and there was a power cut the fitting would come on.

Non maintained this means that the light can not be turned on by a switch and is ordinarily not in use. The light will only come on when the power is lost.

Designed for T8 base mains lamps, either 18 watts for square or 36 watts for rectangular.

Complete with high frequency electronic ballasts for less flickering, instance start up (no popping) and longer lamp life.

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600 Square T8 Fluorescent Recessed Low Glare Light
£56.67 exc VAT
Emergency 600 Square T8 Fluorescent Recessed Low Glare Light
£133.33 exc VAT
1200x600 T8 Fluorescent Recessed Low Glare Light
£118.33 exc VAT

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