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MR16 50w IRC Dichroic Halogen 12v Lamp - Illuminate Brighter

A 50w Lamp which Provides 40% More Light

Class 3 - This fitting is low voltage and will require a transformer or driver.Yes, this product is dimmable - See the specifications tab for more details

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£3.80 inc VAT

Experience brilliance with our MR16 Super Bright IRC Dichroic—a powerhouse equivalent to a 90W lamp!

If you seek enhanced brightness from your current installation, this might be the perfect solution. Utilizing IRC coating technology, these lamps generate more light with less electrical energy. The infrared bulb coating redirects heat back to the filament, reflecting waste heat, and reducing the energy needed for operation by 40% compared to standard dichroic lamps.

Due to the energy-saving design, the wattages differ from standard halogen lamps. Here's a helpful guide for comparison across various beam angles:

10º: 15,000cd = 83W standard dichroic lamp
24º: 5,300cd = 86W standard dichroic lamp
36º: 2,850cd = 98W standard dichroic lamp

Enjoy an extended lamp life of 5000 hours—more than double the standard dichroic lamp life. Additionally, benefit from the lowest UV output, minimizing the risk of fading.

Illuminate your space with superior brightness and energy efficiency courtesy of Radium's MR16 Super Bright IRC Dichroic lamp.

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MR16 Radium Super Bright 50w 10º narrow spot
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MR16 Radium Super Bright 50w 24º spot
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MR16 Radium Super Bright 50w 36º wide spot
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