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Original Design Factory-Style Pendant Light - Crafted in India

Looks Authentic with Mottled Colour in Textured Grey Paint

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Offers no protection from splashed or sprayed waterClass 1 – This fitting will require an earth connection.Yes, this product is dimmable - See the specifications tab for more detailsFlex can be shorted at the time of installation.Bulbs Not Included

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Immerse your space in the raw sophistication of our handcrafted pendant light, drawing inspiration from the high-output luminaires of bygone industrial settings. This imposing piece embraces a two-tier structure, culminating in a classic E27 Edison screw lamp holder.

This pendant is a dream for those chasing the industrial loft aesthetic, seamlessly blending with environments adorned in vintage and mid-century decor. Despite its substantial presence, with a shade measuring a generous 46cm in diameter and a height of 58cm from its base to the chain's commencement, it is deceptively lightweight. Crafted from aluminium, it exudes strength and heft without the need for ceiling reinforcement.

However, be aware this is no modest fixture. To truly accommodate its grandeur, it requires a setting with a minimum ceiling height of 3 metres, ensuring it has the space to make its statement. It’s not just about size; it’s about creating an ambiance that is authentically industrial yet unfailingly practical.

The pendant excels in spacious environments, from retail havens and convivial pubs to restaurants. It’s equally at home in residential lofts or kitchens where double-height or vaulted ceilings provide the perfect canvas for its impressive scale.

Tailor the drop to your desire; the light comes with a 1.5-metre chain, which can be adjusted during installation to achieve the ideal elevation. Whether it’s positioned at the minimal height of 820mm or extends to its full 2150mm length, it promises to be a conversation piece.

The interior features a mottled grey finish within the spun aluminium reflector, enhancing its industrial vibe. Compatible with any E27 lamp of up to 40 watts, it shines most resplendently with a vintage soft LED filament lamp, further accentuating its blend of classic and contemporary design elements.

At 6kg, this pendant light makes a statement of style without straining your ceiling, promising to be a standout feature in any room it graces.

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Grey Concrete Industrial Pendant
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