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IP65 Flexible LED Lighting Tape - RGB Plus White 3000°k

Ultimate flexibility with this tape - every colour you might desire and true white light

Suitable for Zone 1 - protected from water jetsClass 3 - This fitting is low voltage and will require a transformer or driver.Suitable for Bathroom Zones 1,2 and 3

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Primarily this tape is designed for users who want excellent quality white light most of the time and when the mood suits them, they can have a coloured light or even a different tone of white.

This flexible LED lighting tape has a silicone-encased PCB board which gives protection from splashed water. 

Perfect for use in the home, such as bathrooms and garden areas, and equally suitable for commercial areas. This is a popular choice for many applications and provides great lighting and flexibility giving a choice of colours without needing a physics degree.

Offered here with a straightforward, user-friendly control that needs no hub, gateway or any other technobabble. Set the colour you like and the next time you turn the lights on your preselected colour and intensity is used.

All-in-1 Controller bundle makes it possible to control your lights by remote control, your smartphone and shouting at Alexa and suchlike using the Tuya app. 
The controller can operate loads up to 3 Amps. With this tape that means four 5-metre reels can be controlled in synch (all display the same colour at the same time).

Please note: for suitable aluminium profile to compliment this product click here.

We offer the tape in full rolls of 5 metres (with a feed cable at both ends) and a half roll of 2.5 metres with a single feed cable at one end.

Tech specification 

17.8 watts per metre

RGB 5050 and White 5050 chips alternately affixed to flexible PCB.

LEDs per meter 60 LEDs Construction PCB I

P rating IP20/IP65

Fixture Self Adhesive (300MP)

Voltage 24V

Cut points Every 100mm

Colour Rendering Index Ra > 80 (white chip)

Beam Angle 120°

Energy Efficiency Rating A+

Estimated Life 50.000 hours

Operating temperature -20~+45°C

NB For long life this tape should be fixed to an aluminium heatsink. installing this product onto insulated surfaces without a heatsink will overheat the tape and cause premature failure.


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