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Fire Hoods for Recessed Fluorescent Lights

Also suitable for Multiple Downlights

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Using a fire hood means that you can use a fitting of your choice (up to around 120mm in diameter) when installing recessed lights into a fire compartment.

60 minutes plus protection To fit from below roll up the hood and push through the downlight cut-out (do not let go of the retaining tags!). Fix the retaining tags to the side of the cut-out with the supplied fixings. Cut off the excess if any.

Then install your downlight. To fit from above you can either use the retaining tags and screw down into the ceiling material or fix in place with a staple gun.

Tips: For mains lamps pull the supply cable through the holes in the hood before pushing up into the ceiling.

For low voltage lamps locate the transformer in the ceiling and pull the secondary supply cable through the fire hood before locating in the ceiling void. Certified to British Standards for all types of ceiling. CE Marked.

This firehood is manufactured from fine woven silica fibre, similar to fibreglass. The fabric will not burn, and will melt only at temperatures exceeding 650 °C. The fibres are coated with Teflon to reduce its tendency to weaken or tear when manipulated, and to increase durability. The ventilation holes are surrounded and protected by an intumescent material that expands and closes off the hole during a fire.

Two sizes available - 600mm square and 1200mm x 600mm

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