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Arrangements - Teardrop by Flos

Tear Drop Shapes for the Flos Arrangements

  • Linkable Lighting Solution
Class 3 - This fitting is low voltage and will require a transformer or driver.Yes, this product is dimmable - See the specifications tab for more detailsFlex can be shorted at the time of installation.Bulbs IncludedNo driver or transformer is supplied with this fixture (sold separately)

2700°K - Soft Warm White

2700°K - Soft Warm White

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A selection of Drop Down and Drop Up suspended LED light fixtures which can be used singularly or in multiples. There is also the option to use with other Arrangements in the Flos range such as the Square, Line, Broken Line or Round. These suspended Drops provide diffused lighting and are perfect for residential or commercial use. The body is extruded and is curved with black powder-coated aluminium, the diffuser which contains the LEDs is platinum optical silicone.

This listing is for the Arrangement Drop Down and Drop Up which can be used to create a light fitting of your choice, choose either one single Drop (small or  large) or combine one size in multiples or use together or with other shapes. Each component can be connected to the power pack by means of an electrical and mechanical connection system designed for such a custom set-up.

The ceiling roses/fixtures which enable you to hang the pendants, are available with two wattages 70 and 190 watt. Class III roses also available for installations with remote power supply, surface mounted version for installations on cement and a recessed version for plasterboard ceilings - please call us if you require these.

So, for example to create a fitting you will need to choose a ceiling rose which matches the total wattage of the rings you choose:

Arrangements Drop Down (30w) + Drop Up (30w), equals a total of 60 watts therefore the 70w ceiling rose is required.


Arrangements Drop Down (30w) x 3, equals a total of 90 watts therefore the fitting requires the 190w ceiling rose.

The electronics integrated in the rose enables use of dimming systems: push, 1-10, potentiometer, DALI. In the absence of these systems, the light flow can be set with the push system included in the rose.

The length of the cables with the ceiling rose is 2.5 metres.


Arrangements Drop Down
Height 697mm x width 495mm
Contains one LED flex strip 30 watts

Arrangements Drop Up
Height 697mm x width 495mm
Contains one LED flex strip 30 watts

Please see other listings below for the shapes in the Arrangements range which can be combined in multiple ways to create bespoke fittings. If you know the shape you would like but are unsure what to order and what ceiling rose is required, please call our technical or sales team on 01780 767617 and they will assist you.

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Arrangement - Drop 30 watt
Arrangements - Drop Up 30 watts
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Arrangements - Drop Down 30 watts
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Powered Ceiling Rose with Suspension
Arrangements - Small Rose 70 watts
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Arrangements - Big Rose 190 watts
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