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White Toroidal Tension Wire Transformer

50va up to 100va

Class 2 – This fitting is double insulated and does not require an earth.No, this product is NOT dimmable

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£110.57 inc VAT

A round white toroidal transformer designed for use with our tension wire system. To find the right size transformer for your needs add up the wattage of the lamps and ensure the wattage of the transformer matches or is higher than your total.

Dimensions & Wattages

50w to 100w
Diameter 125mm x Heigh: 65mm

A solution for allowing LEDs on a tension wire system by selecting the small capacity option. On some lighting circuits a Type C MCBs may have to be used to avoid tripping because of the higher current associated with this type of transformer - these only cost a few pounds.

IMPORTANT NOTE: when installing the cable into the 12v output ensure they have a good connection. Cables that are not sufficiently secured create resistive connections which may cause excessive heating or fire. We recommend tinning the cable with solder for a good connection. Periodic checking of the tightness of any connections is recommended.

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50va-100va White Toroidal Tension Wire Transformer
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