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Universal 3-Hour Emergency LED Retrofit Kit: Convert Standard Lights to Emergency Lights

Easy Installation and Smart Power Management for All Remote-Driver LED Fixtures

Class 2 – This fitting is double insulated and does not require an earth.No, this product is NOT dimmable

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Transform any LED light fitting into a reliable source of emergency lighting with our Universal 3-Hour Emergency Retrofit Pack. Compatible with LED fittings ranging from 5 to 50 watts that operate with a remote driver, this retrofit solution ensures that your lighting remains functional during a power cut.

Easy Installation: Connect the switched and unswitched live supply directly to the retrofit pack. During normal operation, control your lights with the usual on/off switch. In the event of a power interruption, the retrofit pack automatically switches to battery power (supplied complete with Ni-Cd 3,6V 4,0Ah battery), maintaining illumination without interruption.

Smart Power Management: Equipped with an intelligent monitoring system, the retrofit pack adjusts the output current to the LED, optimising the match between the battery capacity and the LED load. This not only maximises efficiency but also ensures maximum brightness for three hours during emergencies.

Seamless Integration: Available in standard or slimline designs, the retrofit pack can be discreetly installed, maintaining the aesthetic of your space while adding crucial functionality. It works seamlessly with your existing LED driver, making it a versatile and essential addition to any lighting system.


  • Ensures continued lighting during power cuts.
  • Compatible with a wide range of LED fittings.
  • Intelligent management maximises battery life and light output.
  • Simple installation process—no need for extensive modifications.
  • Complete with LED charge indicator for use in ceiling tiles or plasterboard ceilings.

Provide security and peace of mind with the Universal 3-Hour Emergency Retrofit Pack, your solution for maintaining illumination during unexpected power failures.

Installation Note: Although rewiring the remote driver supplied with your light fixture is required, the included diagram ensures that this process is straightforward for any qualified electrician.

Compatibility Note: This retrofit pack is only suitable for lights that have a remote driver. Lights with drivers built into the fixture or PCB mounted drivers cannot be converted.

You can choose from:
Standard version - with a full double insulated (class 2) housing and terminal covers.
Slimline version - designed for use inside luminaires, requires an earth (class 1) with quick-fit terminals.

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Universal 3-Hour Retrofit Pack - 150mm long, 54mm wide, 30mm high
Universal 3-Hour Emergency LED Retrofit Kit
£72.00 exc VAT
Slimline Universal 3-Hour Retrofit Pack - 160mm long, 40mm wide, 22mm high
Slimline Universal 3-Hour Emergency LED Retrofit Kit
£70.33 exc VAT