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RGB Colour Changing Controllers and Receivers

For Use with RGB Flexible LED Lighting Tape

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Remote control for use with our single colour RGB LED tape.

Sold as 1 zone and 1 remote. An total of 4 receivers can be susccesfully used with this remote.  Additional receivers are able to purchase.

The remote allows you to turn your tape on and off, control the level of brightness, 9 Colour Programs and change the speed levels.

Easy Set up:

Connect your LED strip light to the receiver unit by matching the connections to the markings on the unit. - = negative wire / + = positive wire

Connect your power supply to the receiver unit with the power off.

Insert sufficient batteries into the handheld controller. 

Turn the power on to the transformer, then within 3 seconds press any of the zone keys on your controller. Your LED lights should flash to signal a successful pairing with that zone.

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RGB 1 (up to 4) Zone Remote and Receiver
£23.73 exc VAT
Additional Receiver For RGB
£11.46 exc VAT

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