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Universal RGB LED Remote Control Kit

For Use with RGB LEDs and Flexible LED Lighting Tape

Product Ref: 6819

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Empower your lighting control with our versatile remote designed for RGB LEDs and compatible with a wide range of RGB LED tape.

Sold as a 1-zone kit with 1 remote, this system accommodates up to 4 receivers per remote, and additional receivers are available for separate purchase.

The remote offers convenient features, allowing you to toggle your tape on/off, adjust brightness levels, select from 9 Colour Programs, and control speed levels.

Easy Setup Steps:

  1. Connect your LED strip light to the receiver, aligning connections with markings (- = negative wire / + = positive wire).
  2. Connect the power supply to the receiver with the power off.
  3. Insert batteries into the handheld controller.
  4. Power on the transformer, then press any zone key within 3 seconds. Successful pairing is indicated by LED lights flashing.

Experience seamless control for your RGB LEDs with our user-friendly remote system.

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RGB 1 (up to 4) Zone Remote and Receiver
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Additional Receiver For RGB
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