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Rechargeable Battery Square LED PIR Light

Attaches via Magnetic Plate

No, this product is NOT dimmableBulbs Included

6000°K - Very Cool White

6000°K - Very Cool White

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This is nifty and super-easy-to-install sensor light that uses a rechargeable battery to power the LED light. It is sensor operated.

On the back of the fitting, there is a small switch which allows you to choose between OFF/Night & Day/Night. The Night mode only operates the light if the ambient light levels are low and movement is detected. Day & Night means the light will operate by movement regardless of the ambient light levels.

The light is on a pivot, you can tilt the light 15 degree forward or back to suit the space being lit.

The intergrated PIR sensor can pick up movement from 500mm to 3000mm. The light will stay on for 12 seconds while movement is detected.  A super great light for use in kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, motorhomes or caravan cupboards - anywhere that does not have access to power or you need a quick lighting solution. By opening a door (and creating movement) the PIR will illuminate allowing you to see the contents inside. The illumination is smooth and effective.

Super easy to install, simply stick the magnetic plate to any surface with the supplied self adhesive pads and pop the light onto the plate. The strong magnet keeps the fitting safe and very secure.

When the battery runs out, remove the light and charge via the micro USB.  Not supplied with a USB lead to avoid waste (if you require a cable add a note to your order). Charge time is 2 hours for a full charge.

The battery life (from charge until it needs recharging) is approximately 3 months (based on 5 minutes per day operation without charge).

The LED is a cool white with 57 lumens output.

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Rechargeable Battery Square LED PIR Light
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