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Recessed LED Floor Light - Suits All Locations Including Bathrooms

IP65 - Round or Square Design in Chrome or Marine Stainless Steel

Suitable for Zone 1 - protected from water jetsClass 3 - This fitting is low voltage and will require a transformer or driver.Yes, this product is dimmable - See the specifications tab for more detailsSuitable for Bathroom Zones 1,2 and 3No driver or transformer is supplied with this fixture (sold separately)

3000°K - Warm White

3000°K - Warm White

Product Ref: 53129

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If you are pushed for budget you might consider using exterior decking lights in your bathrooms, but if you want professional designed-for-purpose lighting, you should consider this range of recessed lights. Finished in either 316 marine-grade stainless steel or polished chrome and offered in round and square designs these lights are going to give you the very best effect and last a long long time.

In all designs a single, low-wattage, low-heat, low-voltage, 1 watt LED chip provides warm white (3000°k) light and has a wide beam distribution of 120°. The fixture projects only 1.3mm from the floor so does not present a trip hazard yet is strong enough for foot traffic. 

Rated at IP65 this fixture can be used in Zone 1 and 2 in a bathroom - pretty much anywhere excluding locations in the bath or shower tray. 

The standard version gives an omni-directional light distribution. If you wish to use this to uplight a wall, or a bathtub without producing glare you may wish to use the asymmetrical version that has a blinker that greatly reduces the light output in one direction.

The fixtures must be connected to a 350ma DC power supply. Fixture may be installed on their own driver or several can be installed on a larger power supply and wired in series (see graphic). The smaller drivers listed below is smaller enough to fit through the hole made for the light fixture - see images.

We suggest a hole between 35 and 38mm is used for a snug fit. In the event of premature failure, the lights can be easily removed for replacement - you do not have to break up the floor.

The fixture depth is 12mm but we suggest a 20mm depth to accommodate the wiring.

NB These lights require a 3-volt 350mA supply and must be wired in series when connecting two or more to higher capacity drivers - failing to do so will overvolt and destroy the LED. 

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Symmetrical Light Distribution - Round Bezel
Round Stainless Steel Low Profile Spot IP65
£43.00 exc VAT
Asymmetrical Light Distribution - Low Glare
Asymmetric Round Recessed Stainless Steel Low Profile Spot IP65
£48.00 exc VAT
Symmetrical Light Distribution - Square Bezel
Square Stainless Steel Low Profile Spot IP65
£43.00 exc VAT
Square Polished Chrome Low Profile Spot IP65
£43.00 exc VAT
Drivers - for individual lights
350mA driver for a Single Fixture - non dimming
£15.80 exc VAT
Driver to Power TWO fixtures - Wire in Series
350mA driver for Two Fixtures - Dimmable
£20.75 exc VAT
Driver to Power 3-4 Fixtures - Wire in Series
350mA driver for 3 or 4 Fixtures - Dimmable
£26.38 exc VAT