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Waterproof IP67 316L Stainless Steel Recessed LED Marker Light - use inside or out

Ideal in bathrooms and all exterior locations, especially those by the sea

Suitable for Zone 0 - protected against immersion in waterClass 3 - This fitting is low voltage and will require a transformer or driver.Yes, this product is dimmable - See the specifications tab for more detailsNo driver or transformer is supplied with this fixture (sold separately)

3000°K - Warm White

3000°K - Warm White

Product Ref: 51486

£76.80 inc VAT

Illuminate your spaces with our precision-crafted Semi-Recessed LED Light, available in four distinctive designs and powered by a robust 3-watt Cree LED. This range is specifically engineered to offer versatile, corrosion-resistant lighting solutions for both challenging outdoor environments and elegant bathroom settings.

Four Innovative Designs for Every Need

  • Choose from single, twin, tri, or quad LED configurations to suit your space requirements, each providing a unique spread of light.
  • Whether for marking the edges of a pathway or creating a soft glow in a bathroom, there's a design that fits your functional and aesthetic needs perfectly.

Corrosion-Resistant Durability

  • Manufactured with 316 stainless steel, these lights are exceptionally resistant to corrosion, ensuring lasting service in any location, be it seaside promenades or steamy shower enclosures.
  • The sleek finish and sturdy build guarantee that the fixtures retain their elegant appearance, even in areas susceptible to corrosion.

High-Performance Lighting

  • Fitted with a high-efficiency 3-watt Cree LED, known for its superior light output and longevity, to brighten your environment with a warm white light.
  • The LED's low power consumption coupled with a high lumen output ensures that the lighting is both effective and economical.

Installation and Operation Specifications

  • Each fixture is designed to operate with a remote 700mA driver, which ensures a smooth and safe power supply away from the unit, ideal for maintaining the integrity of the design in wet conditions.
  • The drivers listed below are small enough to fit through a hole cut with a 35mm bit.
  • The semi-recessed design means the lights sit flush with the surface, projecting by just 15mm, and recommend a recessing depth of 90mm for optimal installation.
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Single Aperture Waterproof IP67 316L Stainless Steel Recessed Light
£64.00 exc VAT
Twin Aperture Waterproof IP67 316L Stainless Steel Recessed Light
£64.00 exc VAT
Three Aperture Waterproof IP67 316L Stainless Steel Recessed Light
£64.00 exc VAT
Four Aperture Waterproof IP67 316L Stainless Steel Recessed Light
£64.00 exc VAT
This product requires a driver or transformer - Suitable items can be found below
2 - 4w 700mA Ultra Compact LED Driver
£11.33 exc VAT
4w 700mA Dimmable Ultra Compact LED Driver
£14.50 exc VAT