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Marine-Grade Modern LED Spotlights – Corrosion-Resistant 316L Steel

Illuminate Your Outdoors with Durable and Stylish 316L Stainless Steel Spotlights

Dustproof and protected from powerful water jets from all directionsClass 3 - This fitting is low voltage and will require a transformer or driver.Yes, this product is dimmable - See the specifications tab for more detailsNo driver or transformer is supplied with this fixture (sold separately)

3000°K - Warm White

3000°K - Warm White

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These cutting-edge LED spotlights, crafted with precision from 316L stainless steel, offer not just visual appeal but also a warm 3000°K LED illumination, suitable for a multitude of environments. Each size of spotlight delivers an array of lumen outputs, complemented by a choice of beam angles, to provide bespoke lighting solutions. They all operate on a 24-volt DC power supply, ensuring a safe, low-voltage yet highly efficient lighting system.

Efficient Low Voltage: A 24-volt DC power supply means these lights are safe, energy-efficient, and compliant with SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) regulations, and with a 2 metre long prewired lead they are perfect for a range of installations.

Lumen Output and Beam Angles:

  • 2-Watt Fixture: Available with beam angles of 19° (154 lumens), 33° (169 lumens), and 52° (138 lumens) for targeted or widespread light.
  • 4.5-Watt Fixture: Offers a middle-ground with 290 lumens at a 14° beam angle, 341 lumens at 26°, and 352 lumens at 48°.
  • 8.4-Watt Fixture: The brightest option, with 758 lumens at 16°, 675 lumens at 29°, and a wide-reaching 812 lumens at 52°.

Robust and Weatherproof: Thanks to their IP66 rating, these fixtures are well-protected against dust and water jets, suitable for any outdoor setting, especially by pools or in coastal regions.

Versatile Design for Modern Spaces: The skeletal design of these spotlights allows for integration into contemporary spaces, offering aesthetics and performance in equal measure.

Professional Installation Recommended: It's important to have these fixtures installed by a professional to ensure they operate safely and effectively, especially given the specifics of the 24-volt DC power supply.

Choose these spotlights for their combination of design excellence, luminosity, energy efficiency, and safety. They're equipped to deliver the exact lighting requirements your space demands, whether for detailed task lighting or broad ambient glow.

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2 Watt 26mm Diameter Stainless Steel Spotlight
Marine 316L Spotlight 2w 19° Spot Beam
£122.50 exc VAT
Marine 316L Spotlight 2w 33° Medium Beam
£122.50 exc VAT
Marine 316L Spotlight 2w 52° Flood Beam
£122.50 exc VAT
4.5 Watt 50mm Diameter Stainless Steel Spotlight
Marine 316L Spotlight 4.5w 14° Spot Beam
£170.00 exc VAT
Marine 316L Spotlight 4.5w 26° Medium Beam
£170.00 exc VAT
Marine 316L Spotlight 4.5w 48° Flood Beam
£170.00 exc VAT
8.4 Watt 72mm Diameter Stainless Steel Spotlight
Marine 316L Spotlight 8.4w 16° Spot Beam
£207.50 exc VAT
Marine 316L Spotlight 8.4w 29° Medium Beam
£207.50 exc VAT
Marine 316L Spotlight 8.4w 52° Flood Beam
£207.50 exc VAT
This product requires a driver or transformer - Suitable items can be found below
24V 12W LED Constant Voltage Driver
£22.29 exc VAT
20w 24v Constant Voltage Driver
£17.00 exc VAT
Dimmable 25W 24V LED Driver IP20
£29.17 exc VAT
Dimmable 50W 24V LED Driver IP20
£40.75 exc VAT

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