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IP66 Linear LED Wall Washer - Integral Mains Driver & 27° Beam Angle

Adjustable Brackets Included for wall, ground and ceiling installation

Dustproof and protected from powerful water jets from all directionsClass 1 – This fitting will require an earth connection.No, this product is NOT dimmableIncludes integral driver/transformer suitable for 230 - 240v supply

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When specifying exterior wall washing, particularly for architectural spaces, it's crucial to select fixtures that offer not only high-quality illumination but also the flexibility to match the unique contours and materials of a building's facade.

The Linear LED Wall Washer you're considering is well-suited for such applications. Its availability in two sizes allows it to adapt seamlessly to the architectural profile, whether it's following the linear edge of a parapet or accentuating the cascading features of modern architecture. This adaptability ensures that lighting is continuous and cohesive, vital for maintaining design integrity.

Careful positioning is key to achieving the desired wall washing effect. Lights should be placed at a strategic distance from the wall—too close and you may end up with a grazing effect, excellent for textured surfaces but less so for uniform illumination. Too far and you risk inadequate coverage, leaving parts of the wall underlit. The right positioning will create an even, gentle wash of light that highlights the wall's expanse without overpowering it.

Regarding the choice between a 3000°K or 4000°K colour temperature, the selection should reflect the material of the wall. Warmer tones (3k) typically enhance natural materials like stone or wood, giving them a rich, inviting glow, while cooler temperatures (4k) lend a crisp, contemporary feel to materials like metal or glass, ensuring they appear true to their nature under artificial lighting.

For a specifier seeking a top-notch commercial wall washer for architectural lighting, the key features to highlight would be:

  • Flexibility in Size: Easily follows the architectural lines of a building, whether straight or cascading.
  • Colour Temperature Options: Choose 3k for a warmer, inviting glow on natural materials, or 4k for a crisper light on modern materials.
  • Strategic Positioning: Ensures uniform wall washing for a clean, sophisticated look.
  • High-Quality Illumination: LED technology for energy efficiency and longevity, even in outdoor settings.

This LED Wall Washer is designed to meet the demands of large-scale architectural projects, delivering not just light, but a vision. It underscores the specifier's intent, be it to enliven a facade, underscore architectural rhythms, or craft an inviting entrance.

Smaller 356mm - Single bracket (middle position)
3000K 11W 1170 lumens
4000K 11W 1228 lumens

Larger 986mm - Twin Bracket (adjustable position)

3000K 35W 2910 lumens
4000K 35W 3055 lumens

Two cable compression glands provide loop-in and loop-out wiring possibilities.

50,000h L80B20 lamp life

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Smaller 35cm Linear Mains Wallwasher
3000K IP66 mains Exterior Linear Wallwasher
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4000K IP66 mains Exterior Linear Wallwasher
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Larger 98cm Linear Mains Wallwasher
3000K Large Linear LED Sign Light
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4000K Large Linear LED Sign Light
RRP £650.00
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