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Sensor Switch For Kitchen Cabinet Lighting - Swipe On & Off, Hold to Dim

Can be used on 12v and 24v LED light fixtures & Drivers

Class 3 - This fitting is low voltage and will require a transformer or driver.

Product Ref: 51465

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This touch-free on/off & dim infra-red sensor works with most 12v and 24v kitchen lights.

A simple swipe of your hand switches the lights on or off. Hold your hand in position and the light dims down or up.

Easy to install, simply surface mount with the supplied brackets under, or if you want a hidden installation, recess into the cabinet with a 12mm hole.

This sensor is wired into an adapter which, in turn, has one incoming lead to connect to an LED driver (power supply) and 3 ports into which you plug your LED lights. A 12-way distribution block is available should you want the sensor to operate more than three LED lights. 


This sensor can be used with 12v, 24v or 350mA LED lights that have a TOP or a JB plug on the end of their lead (these are 6mm wide and have two wires roughly 2mm apart). 

The sensor adapter has an input lead with a TOP plug. This can be used in any driver with a TOP socket, or if desired the plug can be removed and the adapter can be wired into a driver with terminal screws.

Maximum switching load (12 or 24 volt) is 45 watts.

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Infra Red Sensor with Swipe Operation
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