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Halogen 12v Undercabinet Lights in 3 different styles

Available in either Brushed or Polished Chrome

Protected from drips of waterClass 3 - This fitting is low voltage and will require a transformer or driver.Yes, this product is dimmable - See the specifications tab for more detailsBulbs IncludedNo driver or transformer is supplied with this fixture (sold separately)

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From £3.60 inc VAT

Enhance any kitchen with these low voltage under cabinet and furniture lights.

This light is offered in either highly polished chrome or brushed satin chrome. Do not be tempted to buy this type of fitting in white as it discolours quickly.

The three options listed here allow you to either recessed this light into furniture or surface mount it with a choice of a flat or angled housing.

However we do recommend the use of a lower wattage lamp if this fixture is rebated into the underside of carcase as heat from the lamp may scorch the furniture. If you have spent a lot on your new kitchen and want to avoid this potential problem use this fitting with the surface mounting ring or choose one of our LED products.

Frosted glass with aluminium reflector pre-wired with 1500mm flex with male connector.

Provides a wide distribution of light - (250 lux at 0.5 metres and 70 lux at 1.0 metre) when used with a 20w halogen lamp.

Maximum 20W (G4 halogen lamp included).

Note this product requires a transformer.

Use up to 3 lights on a 60va transformer. Use up to 5 Lights on a 105va transformer.

Number Of Lamps1
Lamp TypeG4 - 12v Halogen Capsule
Part L Compliant LuminaireNo
Lamps IncludedYes
Dimmable?Yes - on standard dimmer
Max Wattage20w
ConstructionSteel with Chrome Finish
Wiring DetailsClass 3 - Requires a low voltage supply
IP RatingIP21
DriverNo driver or transformer is supplied with this fixture (sold separately)

Do you also stock the transformer for these lights?
Yes, the transformer can be found on the same listing. Use up to 3 lights on a 60va transformer. Use up to 5 Lights on a 105va transformer.

What is the internal diameter for the recess of this items?
To recess these the cutout diameter is 58mm.

which light is the fitting with the rim (top left) will it fit 60mm cutout
To recess these into your kitchen unit the cutout diameter is 58mm.

Is it possible to use led bulbs in these fittings, and, if so, which ones? Many thanks.
Unfortunately not, I`d recommend the Very Best LED Undercabinet Lights, you can find here: Very Best LED Under Cabinet Lights

How are these lights attached to the underside of a kitchen pelmet - the existing, very similar fitting, I have used screws through two hard plastic mountings which have disintegrated due to the heat I assume. Also I cannot separate the two parts or see how the light fitting is connected to the wiring - can you tell me how it works on this fitting?
The surface mounted option is mounted with screws through the backplate. Or the recessed option which may be better for your situation are held in with spring clips either side so won`t be susceptible to heat. The wiring of this fitting has two wires from the back of the fitting that need to go to a transformer then to your mains supply.

Do you do a similar fitting in a polished/brushed brass effect?
Unfortunately we do not offer brass currently.

Can you advice what size of hole I need to drill for these lamps
If you are planning to recess these into your kitchen unit the cut out diameter is 58mm. If you are planning on surface mounting these using the surface mounting ring no cutout will be required.

Could you please confirm whether these lights can be operated (via suitable transformer) by a typical dimmer light switch on a wall? I understand this is not usually possible with LEDs but may be possible with these halogen fixtures. I too am looking for suitable light fittings to recess into the underside of shelves with limited space within, (34mm,) so will probably go for 10w lamps to lessen heat issues, but it is important to us that they are dimmable. Many thanks.
Yes, These fixture require a G4 capsule lamp of which can be dimmed on most standard dimmers.

Can these light units fit under bathroom cabinet with cut out diameter of 50mm?
Yes they will fit perfectly but you may want to consider using the LED version - these will be cooler, less prone to heat damage your furniture and are energy saving. You can find them here

Are the lights plug in or mains ?
The lights are low voltage and will require a transformer however the transformer will need to be wired into your mains supply.

I want to be able to fit these into recesses in the bottom of a shelf. what physically holds these in place so that they don`t simply fallout of the recess?
There is a clip to the back of the light fitting to hold it in position.

I propose to fit these into a flyover shelf. There will be a gap of approx 15mm between the top of the shelf and the ceiling. I will use the 10w bulbs and recess the lights. Will this be sufficient ventilation or should I surface mount instead?
You can recess these into your flyover panel without any worries - even with little ventilation above.

I`d like to buy these lights and recess them into my cabinets - two questions: Do you sell the 10W lamps that you recommend when doing this?. Secondly, once recessed, is anything visible on the inside of the cupboard (ie, preventing you from putting things on the bottom shelf?) Sorry if these questions are obvious!
It was once very fashionable to recess these halogen lamps into the carcase of kitchen cabinets. It`s not an easy job as to provide a neat solution a hole needs to be drilled in the carcase through to the back of the cabinet to connect the wiring. Even when using the 10w G4 capsule lamps the items stored on the shelf will get warm - okay if it`s glasses, not so good if it`s something that needs to be stored in a cool place. We`d suggest using a version of this light with LED lamps - they don`t get hot! LED Under cabinet lights

Can you tell me how to open and replace the bulb on this type of lighting fixture?
Use a thin bladed instrument and insert between the bezel that surrounds glass and the housing. Lever out the bezel until you can grasp it with your fingers and pull off. Replace lamp and simply push back in place.

You suggest fitting the surface mount ring will help prevent heat discolouration of the unit. If this ring is used can a 20W bulb then be used or do I still need to use a 10W bulb? Also I am using these lights in a connector panel just below ceiling height between a cupboard unit and the oven unit. This give plenty of ventilation so does this affect the bulb rating?
We`ll reword the text as it`s unclear; when using this type of lighting under a kitchen cabinet, the use of the surface mounted ring will reduce the heating (and consequential discolouration) of the cabinet. When a rebate is cut into the underside of the cabinet to recess the light into the furniture the surface ring is not used and so we only suggest a 10w lamp is used. You are putting these into a piece often called a ¬flyover¬ so you can recess the fitting or surface mount the fitting as there is nothing above the strip of material. Use either 20w lamps or 10w lamps to suit you needs.

Can these fittings be supplied with 10w lamps instead of the standard 20w?
10w lamps are sold on our website. However if you only require a few call us with your order and we`ll work out a deal.

If the diameter of these lights is 70 mm, why the cut out required to recess them is only 58mm
The fitting comes in two pieces. If surface mounted the 70mm diameter surface mounting ring is used. If recessing into furniture the surface mounting ring is discarded. The hole cut needs to be 55-60mm in diameter (the bezel of the fitting is 68mm and having a flange stops the fitting falling through the hole)

Can you tell me the cut out to recess these lights?
Required cut-out is 58mm.

We have two dark corner cupboards, can these lights be installed inside a cupboard? How much heat do they give off? Should they be ventilated?
Yes these types of lights are often used inside furniture. From experience we have found that using 10w halogen lamps instead of the 20w lamps supplied will eliminate all issues of heat build-up.

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Polished Chrome - Recessed 12v Halogen U/C Light
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Polished Chrome - Surface 12v Halogen U/C Light
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Polished Chrome - Angled 12v Halogen U/C Light
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Brushed Chrome - Recessed 12v Halogen U/C Light
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Brushed Chrome - Surface 12v Halogen U/C Light
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Brushed Chrome - Angled 12v Halogen U/C Light
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60va 12v Transformer to power up to 3 fixtures
£4.17 exc VAT
105va 12v Transformer to power up to 5 fixtures
£6.97 exc VAT

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