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G4 12 Volt LED Lamp - Various Wattages

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No, this product is NOT dimmable

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A neat little LED upgrade for G4 lamps, designed to save you money on running costs, last longer and not get hot. For the small difference in price these are well worth it.

These AC/DC lamps only uses only 10% of the energy an equivalent halogen G4 would consume.

Long lamp life of 30,000 hours, 7.5 times that of a standard G4 result in this lamp paying for itself just in its lifetime, that`s before taking into account the energy you will save!

Warm white (2700°k) colour temperature with a >80 CRI rating this gives a pleasant, high quality light output. Measuring 13 x 37mm this is ever so slightly bigger than normal but should not have any issues fitting in most products.

Please note this product is not dimmable.

Length: 32mm x Diamter 10mm. 110 Lumens.

Length: 32mm x Diamter 10mm. 120 Lumens.

Length: 37mm x Diamter 13mm. 150 Lumens.

Length: 42mm x Diamter 16mm. 200 Lumens.


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2700k G4 Base 1.5w LED Lamp - 10w Equivalent
£5.03 exc VAT
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4000k G4 Base 1.5w LED Lamp - 10w Equivalent
£5.03 exc VAT
2700k G4 Base 2w LED Lamp - 20w Equivalent
£6.40 exc VAT
2700k G4 Base 3w LED Lamp - 35w Equivalent
£8.00 exc VAT

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