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Flos Mini Kelvin Desk Lamp - Chrome with LED Lamp

Smaller Design Suits Home Workers

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The Mini Kelvin is the smallest of the kelvin designs engineered by Toan Nguyen and Antonio Citterio.

In truth, the design is the most practical of all the designs for use on a desk at home or at work as it uses a single-arm to put light where it is required without encroaching on neighbouring work spaces.

This is small, cute in its dimensions, as the base is not much larger than a smartphone and with the chrome stem fixed at 55° it only reaches 11 inches high, so this diminutive desk lamp is going to be the envy of many.

At the top is an array of 36 LED chips in a chromed head. Glowing orange in the centre is the switch. Touch to turn the light on at full intensity, touch again to dim it down to 50%.

The head can be tilted up or down and can rotate left and right. The angle of the arm is fixed but it can be rotated 25° in either direction from a centre position.

Where to use it
We see this lamp as providing a pleasant warm accent light at a desk; softly illuminating keyboard and mouse for those who have not mastered touch typing. Its size also makes it suitable for use on a bedside table for readers.

As LEDs use low voltage energy, a power pack is built into the plug. The plug has adapters for UK and Ireland, a round two-pin plug for mainland Europe, and a two-pin plug for USA and Canada.

Chrome plate over aluminium and zamak metalwork with a methacrylate diffuser in the head.

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