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Budget Leading Edge Dimmer Module - Tungsten & LED Lamps

Suitable for Loads - LED 3-100 watts and Halogen 40-400 watts

Offers no protection from splashed or sprayed water

Product Ref: 53191

£12.75 inc VAT

If you are considering changing to LED lamps your existing wall dimmer switch may not work with the reduced load.

If the existing dimmer does not function properly i.e. you cannot dim lights to zero, or the lamps do not dim at all you will need a dimmer better matched to the load.

To save you replacing the entire dimmer switch (and struggling to find a matching wall plate) you could simply swap the dimmer module in your wall switch for one that will operate the reduced load. If you do not already have the face plate then do not be concerned as these can be bought at any electrical wholesale easily.

This dimmer module can operate incandescent (tungsten lamps) or LEDs, and works particularly well with toroidal (wire-wound) transformers i.e. for low voltage tension wire.


Incandescent - minimum 40w to maximum 400w

LED - minimum 3w to maximum 100w

Minimum mounting box depth 35mm

This dimmer module will not work with all lamps and it does not offer adjustment for minimum or maximum brightness.





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Budget Leading Edge Dimmer Module
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