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Black Lamppost with Smoked Acrylic Glass

Matt Black Polyester Powder-Coated Paint

Protected from water spray i.e. rainClass 1 – This fitting will require an earth connection.Yes, this product is dimmable - See the specifications tab for more detailsBulbs Not Included

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This lamppost features a traditional lantern design atop a sleek, modern post. The lantern has a classic aesthetic, with a clear glass enclosure and a warm, welcoming light that provides a contrast to the twilight setting. This juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary design elements makes it a versatile addition to any outdoor area.

The lamppost will look at home in a a neatly maintained garden or driveway, offering not only functional lighting but also serving as a focal point that enhances the property's curb appeal. The gentle illumination it provides is likely to cast soft shadows across the lawn, offering a tranquil atmosphere and increasing visibility during the evening hours.

Strategically placed, this lamppost is an excellent example of outdoor lighting that combines practical benefits with an aesthetic charm. It is well-suited to illuminate pathways, garden features, or sitting areas, offering direct light that can heighten the sense of security around the home while also creating an inviting exterior environment for both residents and guests.

Available in a black finish with a smoked acrylic glass shade. 

Choose from the following

Complete Budget-Friendly Solution 
Height 2550mm x width 360mm x depth 360mm
Comes complete with a basic straight pole, ladder bracket and lantern

Or choose individual components:

Single Pole Top Lantern
Height 2620mm x width 360mm x depth 360mm
Comes with ladder bracket

Triple Pole Top Lantern
Height 2540mm x width 640mm x depth 540mm
Comes with 3 arm bracket

Fluted Pole
Maximum 2.0 metre high but the height is adjustable

Can be used with any mains E27 base lamps up to 100W. Can be used with LED and energy saving lamps.

IP23 rated.

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Complete Lamp Post
2550mm Single Lantern Black Lamp Post Pole
RRP £604.80
You save £100.80
£420.00 exc VAT
Individual Components
Requires Pole
Single Lantern Top Only with Ladder Bracket
RRP £480.00
You save £72.00
£340.00 exc VAT
Requires Pole
Triple Lantern Top Only in Black
RRP £493.00
You save £74.00
£349.17 exc VAT
2 Metre Pole for Lamppost Lanterns
2000mm Black Pole for Lantern
RRP £237.00
You save £36.00
£167.50 exc VAT

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