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E27 4w Dimmable LED Tubular Tinted Lamp 110mm

Amber Coated Glass - Warm White 2000k

Yes, this product is dimmable - See the specifications tab for more details

2000°K - Soft Warm White

2000°K - Soft Warm White

Product Ref: 51818

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These vintage style lamps utilise LED filament technology to produce a light identical to a classic incandescent lamp. The 4 LED filaments on show with the amber coated glass make these lamps a feature on their own.

Ideal for use in pendants where the lamp is on show or in bare bulb pendants when installed singularly or grouped in clusters, consider several flexes with several different style lamps for example.

These modern alternatives have many more benefits. These include:

Longer lamp life - over 20,000 hours
Energy saving using only 4w
Safe to touch these lamps give no heat unlike the older style lamps
Efficiency low running and maintenance costs

Available in colour temperature of 2,000k, which is very warm, this is to match the old classic vintage lamps.

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E27 4w Dimmable LED Tubular Tinted Lamp
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