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Pull Cord Dimmer - Dims Both LED Bulbs & Recessed Lights In Bathroom or Shower

Dimming Ceiling Pull Cord for Use in Bathrooms

Suitable for Zone 3 - areas outside of Zone 0, 1 & 2Suitable for Bathroom Zone 3

Product Ref: 30450

£35.80 inc VAT

If you have light fittings in your bathroom that sometimes shine too intensely for you, consider swapping your existing pull cord for this dimming pull cord.

This is a trailing edge dimmer built into what appears to be a standard ceiling pull switch. By installing this unit you can select any light level by simply pulling on the cord and holding until the desired light level is attained.

So you want one but want a colour to suit your bathroom theme? Well, lucky for you the unit comes complete in other colours too - Click here to see them all.

Easy installation: This unit only requires an incoming live and outgoing switch live connection. How most pull cord switches are wired.

Maximum loads by Lamp Type...
Dimmable LED downlights - single or multiples from 5 - 100 watts
LED dimmable bulbs from 5 to 100 watts
Mains & 12v tungsten lamps up to 150 watts.

A built-in potentiometer enables fine-tuning of the dimmer to remove any flickering.

Fluorescent, LED with non-dimmable control gear, wire wound transformers and CFL lamps cannot be dimmed with this unit.

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White - Bathroom Pull Cord Dimmer
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