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350mA Dimmable LED Drivers with Screw Terminal Block

Dimmable on Leading Edge or Trailing Edge Dimmers

  • 5-Year guarantee
Offers no protection from splashed or sprayed waterClass 2 – This fitting is double insulated and does not require an earth.Yes, this product is dimmable - See the specifications tab for more details

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Small in size and mains dimmable 350ma LED driver (power supply).

A quality product, laminated PCB on a silicon base, with screw terminals on the primary and secondary side allow loop-in and loop-out wiring for ease of installation

This is a 350ma output dimmable LED driver which can be used with high-output LEDs, or to power several lower output LED products wired in series. 

Technical details: Primary (input voltage) 220-240v.

9 watts Driver
Minimum load 4 watts Output voltage 11-26 volts

14 watt Driver
Minimum load 8 watts Output voltage 15-52 volts

Guidance - important 

When using two or more smaller LED products on this driver ensure the aggregate voltage of the LEDs is in the range of the output voltage i.e. 4 LED fixtures at 3 volts is 12 volts. Over-volting LEDs will damage them and too high a voltage will instantly destroy them.

Do not connect just one of your lights to a driver with a higher voltage "to try them out". They must ALL be wired in series and within the range of the driver output to avoid damage.

The last picture shows a diagram of wiring in series. Be sure the installer (even if they are qualified electricians) understands the requirements and the consequences of not following instructions.


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350mA 4-9 watt Dimmable LED Driver
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350mA 8-14 watt Dimmable LED Driver
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