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Wireless 3 & 5 Channel Lighting Controller

Operates via RF Remote Controller

Dustproof and protected from powerful water jets from all directions

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For some years we endeavoured to offer our customers a remote control system for use in the garden that was simple yet flexible. Thankfully we think this new remote control system meets those needs without breaking the bank.

This radio controlled system is available as a 3 channel or 5 channel version. It's easy to install and set-up...The remote has an on and off button for each channel which is controlled separately. The remote is already programmed to the correct frequency. A mains supply (normally protected as required by a RCD device) goes into the end of the housing. Wiring to your electrical loads enter the housing at the bottom. Cable glands to suit round flexes between 6 and 12mm are included in the box.

Maximum loads 

3 Channel unit

1 x 8 amp (1840 watts) 
2 x 2.5 amp (575 watts) 

5 Channel unit
1 x 5 amp (1150 watts)
2 x 2.5 amp (575 watts)
1 x 2 amp (460 watts)
1 x 1 amp (230 watts)

Each channel/circuit has a fuse and LED light to indicate when the channel is on.

Dimensions width 160/220mm.

  • Brilliant lighting controllers - gives you the freedom to create scenes in your garden
  • RF hand held remote control - 20 metres range radio control
  • Controls loads up to 8 amp (1840 watts) - No minimum load
  • Great for lights but can operate other electrical devices too!
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Wireless 3 Channel Lighting Controller
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