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Illuminated LED Rim White Downlight with 3 Stage Dimming

Two Diameters and 2700k or 4000k Option

Offers no protection from splashed or sprayed waterClass 2 – This fitting is double insulated and does not require an earth.Yes, this product is dimmable - See the specifications tab for more detailsBulbs Included

2700°K - Soft Warm White

2700°K - Soft Warm White

Product Ref: 53008

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These LED white recessed downlights are a great lighting solution for a number of reasons. They offer easy dimming, are energy efficient and with a white bezel they are neutral and will blend seamlessly with a white ceiling. Available with either warm white 2700k LED and in two diameters 820mm or 145mm.

These are different in style to the associated item as the outer ring illuminates, this is closer to the ceiling and will create a pleasant halo light effect.

The built-in Moodmaker function allows you to adjust the light in three steps according to your needs and situation all from your regular wall switch. This works by switching on your normal wall mounted light switch - quickly turn off and on again and you will have the whole of the light on, click on and off again and the centre ring of each will illuminate, same again turn switch off and on and the outer ring illuminates. Another great feature is the fitting remembers the last setting and, when you turn them back on, they will be at the last setting so you do not need to scroll through the switch again.

1st switch both rings are illuminated (inside and out)
2nd switch inner ring illuminated
3rd switch outer ring illuminated

Parallel connection is possible. Fitting has a memory but can be reset, comes with integrated connector block.


Diameter 82mm
82mm x height 42mm
Mounting min height 50mm
Cut-out 65mm
Lamp life 25,000 hours
Beam angle 120 degrees
Fixed 5.5 watt LED lumen 350 2700k

Diameter 145mm
145mm x height 38mm
Mounting min height 50mm
Cut-out 130mm
Beam angle 120 degrees
Fixed 12 watt LED lumen 800 2700k

Please note these are only dimmable via the Moodmaker dimmer - they cannot be put on a wall dimmer switch - purely on/off switch.

Comes with 5 year guarantee.

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82mm White LED Recessed Downlight
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145mm White LED Recessed Downlight
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