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T8 Lamp 30 Watts

High Light Output

Product Ref: 4346

£3.60 inc VAT

T8 30w fluorescent tube.Low-pressure mercury discharge lamp with a tubular 26mm envelope.

Suitable for use in a wide range of luminaires for TL-D fluorescent lamps for human applications such as schools, offices, shops, factory halls etc.

Can be used with conventional or electronic gear.

  • High initial light output
  • Available in varying colour designations
  • Low mercury dose

Please note due to the fragility of this particular lamp we are unable to ship these in small quantities.

You can order this lamp in box quantities of 25.

However if you are purchasing a T5 lamp to use with a fitting (which you have purchased from our website) we can ship this easily as it will be packed in with the light and should arrive intact.

Availability: Typically dispatched in 4-7 days
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T8 Philips Lamp 30W - 3000º - Warm White
£3.00 exc VAT
T8 Radium Lamp 30W - 4000º - Cool Daylight
£3.00 exc VAT

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