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Circular T5 Tube Lamp 16mm in Multiple Sizes - Warm White and Neutral White Options

2Gx13 Four Pin Base 22, 40 and 55 Watts

No, this product is NOT dimmable

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From £16.00 inc VAT

Circular tube lamp, 16mm in diameter, available in multiple sizes for high-frequency ballasts.

Choose between two colour temperatures: 3000ºk warm white and 4000ºk neutral white.


22w - Diameter: 230mm (1900 lumens)
40w - Diameter: 305mm (3400 lumens)
55w - Diameter: 305mm (4200 lumens)
Featuring a 2Gx13 four-pin base, available in various wattages:

Colour temperatures include 3000ºk (warm white) and 4000ºk (neutral white). This lamp is Part L compliant and has a lifespan of over 10,000 hours.

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T5 22w Osram ringtube 3000°K - Warm White
£13.33 exc VAT
T5 22w Radium ringtube 4000°K - Neutral White
£13.33 exc VAT
T5 40w Radium ringtube 4000°K - Neutral White.
£13.33 exc VAT
T5 55w Radium ringtube 3000°K - Warm White
£14.33 exc VAT
T5 55w Radium ringtube 4000°K - Neutral White
£14.33 exc VAT

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