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T5 Ringtube Fluorescent Lamp

2Gx13 Four Pin Base 22, 40 and 55 Watts

No, this product is NOT dimmable

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From £16.00 inc VAT

16mm tube circular lamp in a choice of diameters. Designed for high frequency ballasts.

Available in two colour temperatures 3000ºk warm white and 4000ºk neutral white.

22w - Diameter 230mm
40w - Diameter 305mm
55w-  Diameter 305mm

2Gx13 four pin base.

  • 22w (1900 lumens), 32w (2200 lumens), 40w (3400 lumens), 55w (4200 lumens)
  • 3000ºk (warm white) and 4000ºk (neutral white)
  • Part L compliant lamp
  • Over 10,000 hour lamp

Please note due to the fragility of this particular lamp we are unable to ship these in small quantities.

You can order this lamp in box quantities of 25.

However if you are purchasing a T5 lamp to use with a fitting (which you have purchased from our website) we can ship this easily as it will be packed in with the light and should arrive intact.

Availability: Typically dispatched in 2-4 days
We offer free delivery on orders over £80 to most UK Mainland Addresses
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T5 22w Osram ringtube 3000°K - Warm White
£13.33 exc VAT
T5 22w Radium ringtube 4000°K - Neutral White
£13.33 exc VAT
T5 40w Radium ringtube 4000°K - Neutral White.
£13.33 exc VAT
T5 55w Radium ringtube 3000°K - Warm White
£14.33 exc VAT
T5 55w Radium ringtube 4000°K - Neutral White
£14.33 exc VAT

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