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Stylish Rechargeable Indoor Table Lamp - Beige or Black

Features a Touch 3-Stage Touch Dimmer

Offers no protection from splashed or sprayed waterYes, this product is dimmable - See the specifications tab for more detailsBulbs Included

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£89.95 inc VAT

Illuminate your living space or office with the sophistication and practicality of our LED rechargeable table lamps. Offered in two timeless shades, black and beige, these portable lamps blend seamlessly into a variety of decors, providing an aesthetic appeal alongside their functional design.

With the convenience of rechargeability, these lamps ensure that your spaces are lit without the need for constant electrical supply. A simple charging session leads to hours of uninterrupted lighting.

Each lamp comes equipped with a three-stage dimming feature, allowing you to adjust the brightness to suit your mood or task at hand. Whether you are reading, working, or just seeking a subtle light source, these lamps cater to your needs.

The cordless nature of these lamps not only declutters your space but also allows for easy relocation. Whether bedside table, study desk, or an outdoor setting these lamps can accompany you anywhere. Whilst it can be taken outside it should be brought inside to avoid bad weather such as rain.

The sleek design of these lamps provides a modern touch that is both minimalist and striking. The matte finish on the black lamp exudes an air of elegance, while the beige lamp offers a warm and sophisticated ambiance.

LED lighting is known for its low power consumption and longevity, meaning these lamps are not only stylish but also kind to your energy bills and the environment.

Battery (illumination) time for each lumen, highest brightness setting 230 lumen = 8hrs, mid-brightness 92 lumen = 15hrs and the lowest lumen of 23 = 65hrs.

Supplied with USB-C cable measuring 1.5 metres. From 0% charge to 100% charge takes approximately 8 hours.

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Beige Stylish Rechargeable Indoor Table Lamp
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Black Stylish Rechargeable Indoor Table Lamp
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