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Stylish Dimming System for LED Lights

RF Controlled - Wall Fixed with no Wires!

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For some time the dimming of LED lighting has been a bit of a pain. In the 20th century manufacturers believed consumers all wanted to operate pretty much everything with a remote control. Thankfully now you can adjust your light levels on LED lighting systems without reaching for a remote control or chiselling out the wall to install new wiring.

As well as being extremely functional, this excels in the design compartment with a beautiful glass front above a black backing.

This dimming system has two parts:

1. A wall mounted rotary dimmer with push on/off
2. A receiver that makes the LED light system do what you want.

The Wall Mounted Rotary Dimmer operates via RF (radio frequency) and is battery powered. This is a great feature because it allows lighting circuits to be controlled without having to wire them back to a switch. In practical terms this means that anyone can add a second lighting to their room i.e. you keep your existing kitchen ceiling light on the original circuit and create a new dimmable lighting circuit for you LED lights. This means you can add LED mood lighting to any room or have under cabinet lights operating on their own circuit to give flexible lighting to a kitchen. How easy is that?

The dimmer uses a nice notched potentiometer along with a push on/off function, giving a really great quality movement. Another great feature is the on-off and dimming symbols are all beneath the glass so will not wear away over time.

The dimmer unit fits a standard 16mm deep 1 gang wall box but can be installed into furniture too if that suits your needs.

The Receiver is positioned after a constant voltage LED power supply - It therefore dims the DC supply and provides full control from 0-100% output.

The system as a whole can dim either 12v or 24v LEDs that use a constant voltage DC supply. It has eight screwed terminals giving dimmed four circuits. The maximum wattage of the connected LEDS are...12v:- 4 circuits at 60 watts (240 watts total)24v:- 4 circuits at 120 watts (480 watts total)The receiver measures 170 x 46 x 20mm and has mounting holes at each end.

On the receiver there is a learning key button, simply hold this for 1 second, push and turn the dimmer and repeat. This will sync the dimmer and receiver.

Please note: Neither of these items will work independently, please order both the dimmer and receiver to ensure proper operation.

Lamp Type
Suggested Void Depth20mm
ConstructionGlass & Plastic
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