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Linear LED Track Light Fixture for 3 Circuit Track - Opal Diffuser

Available in Black or White & 3 Lengths

Class 1 – This fitting will require an earth connection.No, this product is NOT dimmableIncludes integral driver/transformer suitable for 230 - 240v supply

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From £72.00 inc VAT

Incorporating both linear LED lights and spotlights in track lighting installations serves practical purposes:

  1. General and Accent Lighting: Linear LEDs provide broad, even ambient illumination for entire spaces, while spotlights excel at highlighting specific features or objects.

  2. Flexibility: Linear LEDs offer versatile area coverage, while spotlights offer precise directional lighting, granting flexibility in design.

  3. Aesthetics: Linear LEDs' modern appearance complements contemporary designs, while spotlights draw attention to focal points, enhancing aesthetics.

  4. Energy Efficiency: Linear LEDs consume less energy than traditional lighting, contributing to overall energy savings.

  5. Layered Design: Combining both creates a layered lighting design, incorporating ambient, task, and accent lighting for a balanced and pleasing effect.

  6. Visual Comfort: The mix reduces glare and creates a comfortable, softly diffused illumination, enhancing visual comfort.

In summary, this combination offers a versatile and balanced approach to lighting design, blending general and accent lighting, flexibility, aesthetics, energy efficiency, layered design, and improved visual comfort.

Here we offer a plain-fronted LED product that gives a broad 90° beam angle for ambient lighting. Offered in three lengths and in a choice of black or white. All have a CCT switch that let's you choose 3000°k, 4200°k or 6500°k white light.

24 watt - 2400 lumens
36 watt - 3600 lumens
48 watt - 4800 lumens


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Black Linear LED Track Light Fixture
Black 24w 324mm Linear LED Track Light Fixture
£60.00 exc VAT
Black 36w 480mm Linear LED Track Light Fixture
£72.00 exc VAT
Black 48w 964mm Linear LED Track Light Fixture
£107.50 exc VAT
White Linear LED Track Light Fixture
White 24w 324mm Linear LED Track Light Fixture
£60.00 exc VAT
White 36w 480mm Linear LED Track Light Fixture
£72.00 exc VAT
White 48w 964mm Linear LED Track Light Fixture
£107.50 exc VAT