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E27 70w SON High Pressure Sodium Lamp

Versatile High-Pressure Sodium Lighting for Industrial, Floodlighting, and Streetlight Applications"

No, this product is NOT dimmable

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Often referred to as SON lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps emit a warm and golden white light, offering superior colour rendering compared to low-pressure sodium lamps that cast a yellow monochromatic light. This makes SON lamps an excellent choice for various applications, including industrial lighting, floodlighting, and streetlights.

Our listing includes the most commonly sought sizes and wattages, but rest assured, we have the capability to source SON lamps in all wattages, whether with or without an internal ignitor, tailored to your specific requirements.

Experience extended lamp life ranging from 20,000 to 26,000 hours for larger lamps, ensuring prolonged and reliable performance. With universal operation capabilities—base up, down, or horizontal—the SON lamps provide flexibility in installation, making them a versatile choice for diverse lighting setups.

Illuminate your spaces with the enduring brilliance of high-pressure sodium lamps, designed for optimal performance and adaptability to meet your unique lighting needs.

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E27 Radium 70w SON/E Lamp with Internal Ignitor - Coated
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