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Solar Power Exterior Wall Light with PIR - IP44 Rated

Operation Modes: Dusk to Dawn, Twilight and Motion Detection

Protected from water spray from all directionsNo, this product is NOT dimmable

3000°K - Warm White

3000°K - Warm White

Product Ref: 55468

£69.95 inc VAT

This sleek, dark grey modern wall-mounted light fixture offers a harmonious blend of functionality and contemporary design.  With three distinct operational modes controlled via a single button, this fixture caters to various lighting needs, ensuring your exterior remains illuminated, secure, and inviting without the need for app or Bluetooth connectivity. Here is a closer look at how each mode enhances your outdoor lighting:

Dusk Until Dawn Mode: Ideal for continuous, overnight illumination, this mode activates the light at a gentle brightness as dusk falls, maintaining a consistent glow until dawn. Even on overcast days, it is designed to perform reliably, ensuring your space is lit until the early hours with a full solar charge.

Twilight Mode: Offering a blend of ambient lighting and security, this setting automatically provides low-level illumination as the night sets in. Upon detecting movement, the light intensifies for 25 seconds, offering clear visibility and a safe passage to the door for both you and your guests.

Movement Detection Mode: Focused on enhancing security and convenience, this mode ensures the light springs to full brightness for 25 seconds upon motion detection. An effective way to deter unwelcome visitors and ensure a brightly lit pathway during night time visits.

Easily adjustable with a straightforward button on the fixture's front, these modes allow for tailored lighting preferences throughout the year. Whether seeking a soft glow for your garden path, a security feature to monitor movement, or a welcoming light for visitors, this fixture delivers on all fronts.

The solar-powered design ensures energy efficiency, as it draws from natural sunlight to charge, reducing the need for electrical wiring and contributing to energy savings. With changeable modes to adjust brightness and sensitivity, this lighting solution is perfect for outdoor areas where you require illumination only when needed, such as pathways, entrances, or patios.

The durable aluminium construction is designed to withstand the elements, making it an ideal outdoor lighting solution. The clear, tempered glass ensures maximum light output, providing bright, direct light that enhances visibility and safety in the dark. The minimalist design complements a variety of architectural styles, making it a versatile addition to any outdoor space.

Contains an integrated 3 watt LED, 3000k and 129 lumen.

Provided with a 5 year guarantee.

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Solar Power Exterior Wall Light with PIR - IP44 Rated
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