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Slimline LED Profile For Use Under Kitchen Cabinets

Provides a Continuous Line of Light without Breaks

Class 3 - This fitting is low voltage and will require a transformer or driver.Bulbs IncludedNo driver or transformer is supplied with this fixture (sold separately)

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This out of the box under cabinet kitchen LED strip light solution solves the headache of installing a tape and profile system.

The profiles offered here are two metres long. They come complete with an opal diffuser, fixing clips, end caps (one of which has a hole that allows cable entry). For longer lengths jhust leave off the end caps and align the profiles.. 

The Standard Profile is 17mm wide, 9mm deep and can accommodate a single width of LED tape.

The Deep Profile is 23mm wide, 21mm deep and can accommodate two LED tapes side by side.

The Wide Profile is 23mm wide, 11mm deep and can accommodate two LED tapes side by side.

The Standard Corner Profile is 16mm and can accommodate a single width of LED tape.

The Large Corner Profile is 30mm and can accommodate two LED tapes side by side.

All profiles can be cut down to size on-site with a junior hacksaw or mitre saw. If required the rear can be drilled for cable entry.


We offer two LED tapes with this solution. They are both 8mm wide and operate on a 12 volt DC. They can be cut safely at 50mm intervals where marked.

5 Watt - with 60 SMD 2835 LEDs per metre @ 16.6mm centres. The output of 520 lumens per metre provides around 500 lux at a 50cm mounting height.

10 Watt - with 120 SMD 2835 LEDs per metre @ 8.3mm centres. The output of 1040 lumens per metre provides around 1000 lux at a 50cm mounting height.

Note: there is a maximum length of tape that can be fed from one end of the tape. 5 metres on 5 watt and 3.5 metres on 10 watt. Longer runs must be feed from both ends or by two pieces of tape.

Installation in brief 
LED Tapes are supplied without soldered leads for ease of installation. The input leads offered are 1500mm long, have a plug colour-coded plug on one end that fits the LED driver. The other bare end is threaded through the furniture or cabinet, through the end cap or the back of the profile, and are inserted into the connector. Clip the connector onto the tape (observing polarity), peel off the cover to the 3m adhesive strip on the back and stick to the profile. 1500mm extension leads for input cables are offered.

On/Off & Dimming
The drivers can be switched on/off by a normal wall switch, or fused spur. If you want localised switching under the cabinet we suggest the hand movement sensor - wave to switch on or off. If you want to dim the LEDs we suggest the touch on/off and hold to the dim sensor. This is battery operated, wireless has a button battery in the sensor. If you wish to have more two or more sensors in various places contact us for information.

As always the choice over what colour LEDs you choose is up to you. But we strongly suggest that neutral white is used in contemporary/modern kitchens that use white, grey and silver-flecked granite while warm white LEDs are selected for kitchens with wood grain, warm coloured doors and worktops.

This product is currently unavailable
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This product is currently unavailable