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Rechargeable Outdoor Pendant with Black Strap - IP65

Portable - Use Accessories to Create Floor, Table or Spike Light

Dustproof and protected from water jets from all directionsYes, this product is dimmable - See the specifications tab for more detailsBulbs Included

2700°K - Soft Warm White

2700°K - Soft Warm White

Product Ref: 53019

From £67.95 inc VAT

The possibilities with these two rechargeable shades are endless! You buy the size of shade you prefer and then you can simply use as they come (supplied with black strap) and hang or purchase one or all of the additional accessories to create table, floor or spike light. Design and functionality are carefully thought through with these and the series will beautifully illuminate your everyday life - both inside and outside.

Not only contemporary stylish these lights also provide a good light with the additional benefit of dimming by three levels (three clicks on the top button). The built-in battery has a durability up to five hours at full power and even longer if the light is turned down to a cozy lighting (16 hours). The battery is easily charged via the included USB cable and the entry point is on top of the fitting which is discreet and out of the way.

Available in two sizes/diameters this is a beautiful lamp which can be placed exactly where you want. Hang it in the tree in the garden with the included strap or place it directly on the terrace or floor in the living room. You can add a spike or tripod to the lamp shade, which transforms it into a spike, table or floor lamp. Produced in hard plastic with an IP65 rating making it durable against wind and water.

Of course whilst you can use this around your home you can also easily take it with you on holidays - camping trips, motorhome holidays or for a late evening picnic at the beach. A great product with many possibilities.

Shade Dimensions

Small Shade with Strap
Height 196mm x diameter 220mm
Black strap cable length 1500mm
Includes fixed LED 4.8 watt - bright 300 lumen, 2700k and 30,000 lamp life

Large Shade with Strap
Height 308mm x diameter 360mm
Black strap cable length 1500mm
Includes fixed LED 6.8 watt bright 450 lumen, 2700k and 30,000 lamp life

The strap is fixed with a loop and is removable allowing you to switch or change to tripod floor, tripod table or add to the spike. Each is added by easily twisting and mounting to the accessory.

Each shade has a switch for the 3 step dimming. Comes with 5 year LED guarantee.

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Rechargeable Outdoor Pendant
220mm Rechargeable Outdoor Pendant with Hanging Strap
£56.63 exc VAT
360mm Rechargeable Outdoor Pendant with Hanging Strap
£83.33 exc VAT
Optional Table Stand for Outdoor Pendant
Black Tripod Table Stand - Height 344mm
£9.13 exc VAT
Wood Tripod Table Stand for Shade - Height 344mm
£13.71 exc VAT
Optional Floor Stand for Outdoor Pendant
Black Tripod Floor Stand for Shade - Height 1029mm
£22.88 exc VAT
Wood Tripod Floor Stand for Shade - Height 1029mm
£36.63 exc VAT
Spike to use Outdoor Pendant as a Ground Light
Black Ground Spike for Shade Height 516mm
£10.96 exc VAT

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