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High-Output COB LED MR16 12v 6w Retrofit Lamp: Energy-Saving Brilliance in Three Temperatures

Available in Warm, Cool or Daylight White

No, this product is NOT dimmable

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£8.00 inc VAT

Introducing our high-output COB LED MR16 Retrofit Lamp featuring an advanced lens for a halogen-like appearance.

Choose from three colour temperatures:

Very warm white (3000K, 420 lumens)
Cool white (4000K, 420 lumens)
Daylight white (6500K, 420 lumens)
Experience energy savings and an extended lamp life. This alternative to the original MR16 halogen lamp ensures at least an 80% reduction in running costs, with a lifespan of 25,000 hours.

With low heat output and a 45º beam angle, this lamp combines efficiency with performance. Please be aware that it's not dimmable and has a longer length than a standard MR16 lamp, which may impact fitting in smaller installation spaces.


What is a MR16 LED Retro Fit Lamp?

An MR16 LED Retrofit Lamp refers to a type of LED lamp designed to retrofit or replace traditional MR16 halogen lamps. The "MR" stands for "Multifaceted Reflector," and "16" denotes the diameter of the lamp in eighths of an inch (16/8 or 2 inches). These lamps are commonly used in track lighting, recessed lighting, and various accent lighting applications.

The term "retrofit" indicates that the LED lamp is designed to fit into existing fixtures that were originally designed for MR16 halogen lamps. This is advantageous as it allows users to upgrade their lighting systems to LED technology without replacing the entire fixture.

MR16 LED Retrofit Lamps typically come in a variety of color temperatures, allowing users to choose the desired warmth or coolness of the light. Additionally, they often offer energy efficiency, longer lifespan, and reduced heat emission compared to traditional halogen lamps.

These retrofit lamps are known for their directional lighting capabilities, making them suitable for spotlighting and accent lighting in both residential and commercial settings. The "GU5.3" base is a common type associated with MR16 lamps, indicating a bi-pin base with a 5.3mm gap between the pins.

In summary, an MR16 LED Retrofit Lamp is a versatile lighting solution that brings the benefits of LED technology to existing MR16-compatible fixtures, providing energy savings and enhanced performance.

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MR16 6w Warm White LED Retro Fit Lamp
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MR16 6w Cool White LED Retro Fit Lamp
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