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Recessed Cylinder Wallwashing Downlight with LED COB

Choose Black or White and 6w or 7w Option

Offers no protection from splashed or sprayed waterClass 2 – This fitting is double insulated and does not require an earth.No, this product is NOT dimmableBulbs IncludedIncludes integral driver/transformer suitable for 230 - 240v supply

3000°K - Warm White

3000°K - Warm White

Product Ref: 6822

From £40.50 inc VAT

A contemporary LED recessed downlight with a fully adjustable design. It features a sleek, cylindrical housing that recesses into the ceiling, providing a clean and unobtrusive look. The inner mechanism allows for the LED light to be tilted, enabling the user to direct the light to specific areas of a room, which is ideal for accent lighting or spotlighting.

The LED technology ensures high energy efficiency and a long lifespan, significantly reducing the need for maintenance or bulb replacement. The light emitted is likely to be bright and focused, with the potential to create a warm and inviting atmosphere while highlighting particular features of a space. This type of lighting fixture is commonly used in modern residential and commercial settings where flexibility and style are desired. 

Manufactured in aluminium and available in a white or black finish and either 6 watt or 7 watt. Both are warm white, 3000k and come with a 5 year LED guarantee.

Dimensions and Details

6 watt option
Diameter 59mm x overall depth 55mm
Cut out 52mm x depth 70mm
Contains a CRI 90 6 watt LED 38 degree beam angle, 480 lumen 3000k

7 watt option
Diameter 82mm x overall depth 63mm
Cut out 74mm x depth 80mm
Contains a CRI 90  7 watt LED 38 degree beam angle, 560 lumen 3000k

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Black 7w LED Recessed Cylinder Downlight
£43.75 exc VAT
White 7w LED Recessed Cylinder Downlight
£43.75 exc VAT
6 Watt LED Option
Black 6w LED Recessed Cylinder Downlight
£33.75 exc VAT
White 6w LED Recessed Cylinder Downlight
£33.75 exc VAT