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GZ10 Dichroic Halogen Lamp

Cool Beam Reflector Lamp

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The GZ10 lamp is basically a GU10 (PAR16) lamp with a dichroic coating instead of an aluminium reflector.

Dichroic reflectors reflect visible light forward while allowing the invisible infrared light (radiated heat) to pass out of the rear of the fixture, resulting in a beam of light that is 'cooler'. Some red and yellow light escapes from the rear of the lamp and this can be used to backlight ceilings in fittings where the lamp is exposed.

Dichroic lamps are very useful in areas with low ceilings where the heat from PAR lamps can cause discomfort to tall users.

Note: this lamp is actually a hybrid because it has a GU10 lamp cap (with bevelled edges) and not the square edge design of the normal GZ10 lamps. As a consequence it will fit into GZ10 and GU10 lamp holders. Be aware that GZ10 cool beam lamps are normally not suitable for fire rated downlights as the heat cannot dissipate effectively from the housing.

  • GZ10 twist on lamp base
  • A great lamp for use in surface mounted spotlights
  • Reduced heat for low ceilings or tall people!
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GZ10 Lamp 35w Dichroic Reflector 38º Beam
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GZ10 Lamp 50w Dichroic Reflector 30º Beam
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